TOMAS SARACENO - Ausstellung in Gateshead

Künstler: Tomás Saraceno
Ausstellung: 17/07/2010 - 24/10/2010
Veranstalter: BALTIC The Centre for Contemporary Art
Stadt: Gateshead
Homepage: www.balticmill.com


In collaboration with spider researchers and astrophysicists, Tomas Saraceno has spent several years developing the 350 cubic metre installation that will fill BALTIC’s Level 2 Gallery from July.
Scientists create largescale models of spiders’ webs and examine their construction to explain the origin and structure of the universe. The starting point for Saraceno’s new work was a model of the poisonous Black Widow’s web. The gigantic installation, made in collaboration with the Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden, will span floor to ceiling.


KünstlerInnen: Tomas Saraceno