New in Berlin: Kunsthaus Dahlem


Galerie Kunsthaus Dahlem
Käuzchensteig 8
14195 Berlin (DE)
Tel: +49 30 832 27 258


Kunsthaus Dahlem and Sculpture Garden. © Bernhard-Heiliger-Stiftung, 2013. Photo: Robert Conrads.
Conceived as an exhibition space for postwar German modernism, the Kunsthaus Dahlem will open to the public in summer 2015 in Berlin, Germany. It will present exhibitions and programs that explore modern German art from the post-war era (1945 to 1961). In addition to its exhibitions, on-site and online programs will reinforce its role as a center for research and scholarship. All activities are designed to engage artists, writers, students, scholars and a wide public audience. The museum is located in the former studio of sculptor Arno Breker, who was one of the most prominent German artists of the Nazi era. A permanent exhibition in the museum's foyer will document the history of the building and its use from 1939 to 1945. For its new purpose, the studio site will be re-designed by the Berlin-based architects Petra and Paul Kahlfeldt.

Inaugural exhibition

Kunsthaus Dahlem will open in the summer of 2015. In the first two months, the admission will be free. The public will be invited to to experience the plain, unfilled space and attend a series of special events. After this, an inaugural exhibition will present highlights on loan from various Berlin-based collections, focusing primarily on sculptural works that reconsider the legacy of modernity and modernism. It will acknowledge the multiplicity of experiences that form modern art both in East and West Germany and emphasize the several common moments that justify a collective identity. The exhibition will be organized around several themes that overlap and intersect, developing ideas across chronology, and incorporating discontinuity and rupture into the story. The exhibit will be curated by Dorothea Schöne, the director and chief curator of Kunsthaus Dahlem.