Willa Nasatir: Lightning Start

Photowork from Willa Nasatir: Courtesy the artist and Chapter NY Gallery.

The career of a young artist can hardly be better. In 2015 the New York scene was first attracted by a solo show in White Columns on Willi Nastir (born 1990 in Los Angeles). Early in 2017, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo followed. The provisional highlight: at the beginning of October, the solo exhibition of the photo artist at the Whitney Museum in New York ends.

Profil: The emerging artist Willa Nasatir (b. 1990) creates photographs routinely informed by a cinematic vocabulary, inspired by the shifting landscape and individuals who inhabit New York, where she works and lives.  Nasatir’s compositions routinely function as part-still life, part-portrait (notably without bodies), evoking a surreal otherworldly environment - a realm that’s familiar yet simultaneously difficult to pin down.
Nasatir’s photographs begin as makeshift sculptures, quickly assembled in her studio from an array of unexpected, disparate objects ranging from decorative fans to a car headlight. She alters and combines these found objects, which she photographs and re-photographs, subjecting the surfaces to dramatic material and light effects. The resulting works are hand-manipulated images that become psychologically charged and difficult to discern; the viewer is left to parse out unresolved narratives that the image only implies.

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