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Wolfgang Tillmans: 274 Euro or 1500 Pound Sterling

Wolfgang Tillmans: Freischwimmer TFL 150, 2013, Print, Digital pigment print on Hahnemuhle Photo-rag paper, 22.05 x 18.70 in, 56.0 x 47.5 cm, Edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist on recto. Euro 274 plus shipping costs

Wolfgang Tillmans's recent comprehensive solo-show "2017" at London's famous Tate Modern can be seen until June 11. It is the greatest presentation ever of the german fotoartist, born 1968 in Remscheid, NRW, a great opportunity to take a closer look at his work and to spend some money for one or two prints.
In Wolfgang Tillmans’s Freischwimmer TFL 150, the London Underground’s commemorative 150th anniversary logo appears floating upon an abstract, watery blue and green background, one belonging to the artist's stunning Freischwimmer series. Tillman has explained, when he was commissioned to create this piece, he thought of the act of traveling in a Tube car, and more specifically, of his mental state in the moment - his mind drifts from urban life to a quiet, imaginative world. Sold and delivred by ArtSpace.
Tate Modern has published a more unique and expensive work of Tillmans: It is a colour laser photocopy on paper, 42 x 27.9 cm, Edition of 172, Each work is unique Price: 1500 Pounds. Order at Tate Modern's Shop.

In his diverse body of work, comprising virtually every mode of photography, including documentary, landscape, portraiture, abstraction, black-and-white, and color, Wolfgang Tillmans explores the functions and possibilities of the medium. Tillmans often exhibits his work in matrices of photographs and abstractions, some hung low or high, alone or in groups, at various intervals, so that they can be appreciated in uncommon or unlikely juxtapositions. A work like the 2000 photograph I Don’t Want to Get Over You perhaps best captures much of his artistic output: Tillmans manipulated a brilliantly lit snapshot of clouds over the sea, with the sun barely breaking through, and the resulting picture is streaked with verdant green ribbons of abstract color, adding a painterly qualities to a technical image.
Tillmans was the first photographer and the first non-English artist to win the prestigious Turner Prize, in 2000. His work has been the subject of several major museum exhibitions around the world, at institutions such as the Tate, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and MoMA PS1. ArtSpace.

Wolfgang Tillmans: Tate Modern Edition, 2016, Colour laser photocopy on paper, 42 x 27.9 cm, Edition of 172, Each work is unique. Sold framed. Price: 1500 Pound plus shipping costs.

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