Bukowskis Stockholm

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Bukowskis Stockholm
Arsenalsgatan 4
111 87 Stockholm (Schweden)
Tel: +46 8 6140800
Fax: +46 8 6114674



The Bukowski Auction House was founded in 1870 by the exiled Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski. He was the first to introduce properly catalogued auctions in Sweden. The first important sale was the one of the collection of the late King Charles XV in 1873.

The most spectacular sale was held during the early part of the 20th century when the collection of the great collector Christian Hammer was sold at five highly successful auctions. The strongest buyer at the time was the Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, the founder of the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. During the 1920s Bukowskis enjoyed the sole right to sell the etchings of Anders Zorn. In fact etchings by Zorn were so valid that they were accepted as security for bankloans and "exchange rates" were noted at Bukowskis. In the 1970s, one hundred years after the founding of the company, Bukowskis expanded considerably. Bukowskis is the oldest salesroom for fine art and antique auctions in Scandinavia.

Today Bukowskis has representatives all over the world. Since 1999 Bukowskis is part of the International Auctioneers, IA. The organisation consists of seven wellknown auction houses in Europe and U.S.A. Bukowskis has four main auctions per year. Two of them contains modern and contemporary art confined with modern design in furniture, silver and glass. The two other main sales are international auctions with old masters, 19th century paintings, antique furniture, carpets, silver, jewellery, china, glass and so on. At "Lilla Bukowskis", art and artifacts are sold. Interesting objects suitable for interior decoration from all epochs and in all price ranges.

Bukowskis has a longstanding tradition of specialist knowledge of the highest quality. The company's specialists conduct continual research within their domains and daily make qualified decisions and estimates of objects wich contribute to the continuos growth of the company´s store of knowledge. The specialists also give the best advice to clients where and at which sale the object in question will fetch the most advantageous price. You are always welcome to contact Bukowskis experts for valuations or advice.


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