Taidehalli - Kunsthalle Helsinki

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Taidehalli - Kunsthalle Helsinki
Nervanderinkatu 3
00100 Helsinki (Finnland)
Tel: +358 9 4542060
Fax: +358 9 45420610


Each year, the Kunsthalle Helsinki hosts dash;10 major exhibitions as well as a similar number of studio shows, in addition to events, concerts and a cross-disciplinary programme. The focus of the exhibitions is on contemporary art but the exhibition programme also includes design and architecture. Kunsthalle Helsinki does not have a collection of its own, but serves as a venue for changing exhibitions. The Kunsthalle is owned by a private foundation supported by various artist and art organisations. Chairman of the Board of the Kunsthalle Foundation is Matti Vuoria (since 2009). Director of the Kunsthalle is Maija Koskinen, MA (since 2006). Kunsthalle Helsinki has 11 permanent employees.The operations of the Kunsthalle are supported by the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Education. About 25% of the Kunsthalle's annual budget comes from public subsidies; its own earnings cover the rest.