Elizabeth Peyton

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Elizabeth Peyton
Künstlername: Elizabeth Peyton
bevorzugtes Medium: Malerei
Kunstrichtung: Neue Figuration
Nationalität: US
geboren: 1965
geboren in: Danbury
lebt in: New York
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Elizabeth Peyton - Profil

Elizabeth Peyton, born in 1965 finds the material for her works both in the widespread 'public' images she borrows from books, magazines, record covers, or music video stills and in the 'private' photographs she takes herself. Both historical figures and living persons appear in Peyton's work as fragile, androgynous beings with light eyes and scarlet-red lips. Peyton expresses her own artistic identity by collecting people through her paintings. She sidesteps the sensationalism surrounding the famous in order to respond to details of their personal history, extending to them the tenderness with which she paints those close to her and creating portraits that are devoid of the voyeurism. The paintings cut through popular culture to deliver a shared common experience. Throughout her work, delight and sorrow are sifted to purposefully avoid irony. (Cerealart)

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Elizabeth Peyton Hara Museum of Contemporary Art Tokio JP 21.01.2017
These Strangers ... Painting and People Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK) Gent BE 01.10.2016
NO MAN'S LAND Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection Rubell Family Collection Miami US 02.12.2015
UGO RONDINONE: I love JOHN GIORNO Palais de Tokyo Paris FR 21.10.2015
America Is Hard to See Whitney Museum of American Art New York US 01.05.2015
Sharjah Biennial 11 Sharjah Biennial Sharjah VA 13.03.2013
ELIZABETH PEYTON. Here She Comes Now Kunsthalle Baden-Baden Baden-Baden DE 08.03.2013
American Exuberance Rubell Family Collection Miami US 30.11.2011
HOW SOON NOW Rubell Family Collection Miami US 01.12.2010
ALPHA OMEGA Deste Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art Athen GR 16.06.2010
Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht NL 18.10.2009
Matthew Barney + Elizabeth Peyton Blood of Two Deste Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art Athen GR 16.06.2009
Selections from the Judith Rothschild Collection MoMA - Museum of Modern Art New York US 22.04.2009
Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyto Walker Art Center Minneapolis US 14.02.2009
Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton New Museum of Contemporary Art New York US 08.10.2008
Elizabeth Peyton The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Ridgefield US 22.06.2008
Emanuel Hoffmann-Stiftung Kunstmuseum Basel Basel CH 11.06.2006
Since 2000: Printmaking Now MoMA - Museum of Modern Art New York US 03.05.2006
Elizabeth Peyton Sadie Coles HQ London GB 03.03.2005
Whitney Biennial 2004 Whitney Biennial New York US 10.03.2004
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