Wolfgang Tillmans

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Wolfgang Tillmans
Künstlername: Wolfgang Tillmans
bevorzugtes Medium: Fotografie
Kunstrichtung: Concept Art
Nationalität: DE
geboren: 1968
geboren in: Remscheid
lebt in: London
Website des Künstlers oder der Galerie: Wolfgang Tillmans

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Wolfgang Tillmans - Profil

Tillmans’ photographs are wide ranging from formal abstracts that play with color, light and the process of photography to intimate, candid images. Seemingly casual, his installations are characteristic of his unique and personal aesthetic. Tillmans will show a selection of large-scale photographs at Regen Projects II . Abney Park and dark peonies are striking black and white photographs which originated from a photocopy; the appropriation and enlargement results in a total flattening of the image. The texture of the photocopy creates a medium onto itself, ultimately breaking down the image to tiny dots of pigment. Additionally Tillmans will show works from his ongoing ‘Lighter’ series. In this body of work Tillmans plays with photographic processes to create abstract works of color and light. The works are often folded or creased giving the pieces a sculptural quality. Framed within a Plexiglas box, their sharp folds and wrinkles are accentuated, highlighting the works three-dimensional quality. Often vivid and vibrant in color the works play with the viewer’s perception of where flatness and form meet. Each photograph Wolfgang Tillmans takes and prints is part of a collective, which provides a framework for difference and dialogue. A gradually growing community of images is the dynamic repertoire from which various pictorial and symbolic alliances and juxtapositions form, disassemble, and reform in his installations and publications over time. (Regen Projects, LA)

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Ausstellung Veranstalter Stadt Land Start am...
Wolfgang Tillmans Kunstverein in Hamburg Hamburg DE 23.09.2017
Wolfgang Tillmans Foundation Beyeler Riehen CH 28.05.2017
Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017 Tate Modern London GB 15.02.2017
Wolfgang Tillmans Hasselblad Award Winner 2015 Hasselblad Center Göteborg SE 01.12.2015
Wolfgang Tillmans: Book for Architects Metropolitan Museum New York US 26.01.2015
Manifesta 10 International Foundation Manifesta Amsterdam NL 28.06.2014
8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art: EXPEDITE EXPRESSION Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin DE 29.05.2014
Wolfgang Tillmans K20 KUNSTSAMMLUNG NRW Düsseldorf DE 02.03.2013
Wolfgang Tillmans Moderna Museet Stockholm SE 06.10.2012
Wolfgang Tillmans / Helen Marten Kunsthalle Zürich Zürich CH 01.09.2012
Wolfgang Tillmans Kunsthalle Zürich Zürich CH 27.11.2011
Wolfgang Tillmans Henry Art Gallery Seattle US 15.10.2011
Wolfgang Tillmans Serpentine Gallery London GB 26.06.2010
53. Biennale Venedig 2009 Biennale Venedig Venedig IT 07.06.2009
Holbein bis Tillmans Schaulager Basel Basel CH 04.04.2009
55th Carnegie International 2008 Carnegie Museum of Art - CMA Pittsburg US 03.05.2008
Wolfgang Tillmans: Lighter Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin Berlin DE 21.03.2008
Turner Prize: A Retrospective Tate Britain London GB 02.10.2007
Turner Prize 2000 Tate Britain London GB 01.10.2000
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