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1992-1996 Munich University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture
Study of architecture, Graduate Engineer Architecture
1996-2002 Academy of Fine Arts Munich
Study of art, class Prof. Gerd Winner and class Prof. Dieter Rehm, Bachelor of Fine Arts
1998-2002 University of Fine Arts Hamburg
Study of art, visiting student class Prof. Bernhard Blume and class Prof. Pia Stadtbäumer
2000 Artist in residence, New York City, USA

Gerwin Eipper works with photography and video, also in the form of projections and site-specific installations. Single images as well as series of images, black-and-white and colour and various techniques and forms of presentation are used, always showing a very formal strictness. The works alternate between a documentary and analytical style and the iconic quality of a precise staged composition – obviously staged images vary with images possibly taken by chance. The photographs indicate only narratives without creating a flowing storyline.

The main focus is on the portrayal of people. One of the most characteristic features is loneliness, moments of being all-by-oneself, wrapped in thought and dreams, intimate situations in which time seems to pass slower. This can be read in the eyes and faces of the portrayed and is an expression of melancholy and longing, transitoriness and frailty and implies at the same time an appearance of being unapproachable. In this Gerwin Eipper traces wishes and fantasies, the ambivalence of feelings and contradictory emotions as well as the permanent play between proximity and distance shown in the human face, presented in very sensual and quite images which confront the viewer all at once with his own state of being.

In his latest works the photographic and cinematic pieces are faced with installations in forms of three-dimensionally arranged compositions of materials and architecturally designed objects. These installations are to be seen as fragmentary collages of materials with narrative qualities. They link by means of their aesthetic structure and by dialogue and interaction with the respective specific exhibition space. The employed materials extend from found objects to bought products such as aluminium, stainless steel, bare, reflecting surfaces, foils, tapes, leather straps, mirrors, also in combination with stage and lighting equipment. Materials with traces of use, indicating that something has happened but also referring to only made up notions.

The meaning however lies less on the employed materials and the concrete objects than much more on the engendered mood and atmosphere. The installations are like empty stages – attempts of precision on the one hand and interpretation between not-anymore and not-yet on the other hand. They form an imagined network of relations and references in the »in between« in which the interruption, the gap, is as important as the formulated. Installations as gentle portraits, showing vital moments, as allegories, as a symbolization of the state of minds of the portrayed in the photographic works. The human being, and representatively his portrait, is always present in these installations, always on mind. It is an almost imperceptible transition within the world of thought, materializing the portrayed. Which was before achieved through light and shade, now materials and surfaces make it touchable and indestructible at the same time.


»... and wishing you'd dreamt me«, mixed media installation, 2009
»The Darkest Star«, video sequence of photographs, 2007
»Before Night«, photographs, 2006/2000
»It's like a conversation«, video projection, 2005
»Hic et Nunc«, slide installation, 2005
»Und manchesmal ein Lächeln«, photographs, 2005
»in my other world«, photographs, 2005
»Looking at me«, photograph, 2004
»Narcissus«, photographs, 2002
»In der Nacht ein Schmetterling«, video installation, 2002
»Memories«, photographs, 2009/2000
»Bronx Window - Where I Woke Up«, photograph, 2000
»OFAD Queen for a Day«, photograph, 2000
Gerwin Eipper_14
»Purple Dance (New Year's Eve)«, collage, 2009
Gerwin Eipper_14
»Wolf«, photograph, 2000

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2008        »The Darkest Star«, ZKMax, München
2006        »Zustand und Haltung«, Wäcker & Jordanow, Galerie für Fotografie, München
                »Zwischen Auftauchen und Verschwinden«, Kloster Fürstenfeld / Haus 10, Fürstenfeldbruck
2005        »Im Auge Traum«, Kunstflecken, Neumünster
                »in my other world«, Galerie écart, Osnabrück
2004        »Gerwin Eipper - Fotografien und Videoprojektion«, kulturklub HH, Hamburg
2003        »Dreaming of me ...«, weltbekannt e.V. / Claus Friede*Contemporary Art, Hamburg
2002        »Narcissus«, diploma presentation Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2010        »Present Memories«, Kunstforum Markert, Hamburg
                »PLATFORM3 works«, PLATFORM3, München
                »Meine Lust und meine Freude«, Die Repüblik, München
2009        »Ehrliche Haut«, Pasinger Fabrik, München
                »Childhood Stories«, whiteBOX, München
                »Island of Art Festival 2009«, Exhibition / Art Fair, whiteBOX, München
2007        »nordskulptur:licht«, Sager-Hallen, Neumünster
2005        »Third Detroit International Film & Video Festival«, MONA Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA
2002        »JA!«, annual exhibition Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
2001        »satelliten«, Galerie der Künstler, München
2000        »INS haus der kunst«, Haus der Kunst, München

                »Schwabing jetzt / Schwabing privat«, Seidlvilla, München
1999        »Winner +«, Kunstverein / Städtisches Museum, Gelsenkirchen
1998        »... and the winners are:«, annual exhibition Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
1997        »Coming Soon«, Seidlvilla, München

Gerwin Eipper
Gerwin Eipper
born 1969
in Hamburg (Germany)
lives and works in Munich
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