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Wolfgang Tillmans's recent comprehensive solo-show...

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Tschabalala Self - Newcomer 02/2017
Tschabalala Self, born 1990, New York based, “bui...

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Joseph Beuys
- 26.11.2017
National Gallery of Canada, NGC
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Hidden Champion

Michael Buthe: "Four Seasons" 1980, Mixed media on cavnas, 170 x 130 x 50 cm, Be
The Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK) in Amsterdam lit the touch-paper to the rebirth of the Cologne artist Michael Buthe with a retrospective in March 2015...


Art builds. Art questions. Art transcends borders. Art works. With its art program Deutsche Bank is making a sustai...

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Artists of the Year 2017

The Guerrilla Girls are feminist activist artists. We wear gorilla masks in public and use facts, humor and outrageous visuals to expose gender and ethnic bias as well as corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture.

Girls, Girls, Girls: Coincidence or System?

Ulla von Brandenburg: Zwei Schürzen, 2015, Various fabric, 206 x 238 cm,
Photo: Thomas Merret, Quelle:

Wolfgang Tillmans: 274 Euro or 1500 Pound Sterling


Wolfgang Tillmans's recent comprehensive solo-show "2017" at London's famous Tate Modern can be seen until June 11. It is the greatest presentation ever of the german fotoartist, born 1968 in Remscheid, NRW, a great opportunity to take a closer look at his work and to spend some money for one or two prints.
In Wolfgang Tillmans’s Freischwimmer TFL 150, the London Underground’s commemorative 150th anniversary logo appears floating upon an abstract, watery blue and green background, one belonging to the artist's stunning Freischwimmer series. Tillman has explained, when he was commissioned to create this piece, he thought of the act of traveling in a Tube car, and more specifically, of his mental state in the moment - his mind drifts from urban life to a quiet, imaginative world. Sold and delivred by ArtSpace.
Tate Modern has published a more unique and expensive work of Tillmans: It is a colour laser photocopy on paper, 42 x 27.9 cm, Edition of 172, Each work is unique Price: 1500 Pounds. Order at Tate Modern's Shop.

Wolfgang Tillmans: Freischwimmer TFL 150, 2013, Print, Digital pigment print on Hahnemuhle Photo-rag paper, 22.05 x 18.70 in, 56.0 x 47.5 cm, Edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist on recto. Euro 274 plus shipping costs


Wolfgang Tillmans: Tate Modern Edition, 2016, Colour laser photocopy on paper, 42 x 27.9 cm, Edition of 172, Each work is unique. Sold framed. Price: 1500 Pound plus shipping costs.

Anne Imhof für den Deutschen Pavillon

Anne Imhof für den Deutschen Pavillon

Tomás Saraceno: Edition for 865 Euro


About The Work
This print by Tomás Saraceno is based on his installation project Cloud Cities, which imagines various physical and theoretical structures through which human beings could inhabit the upper atmosphere. Most notably installed on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2012, the project combines architecture, climate science and visual ingenuity. In this print, Saraceno renders enclosed geodesic structures that hold entire lakes and forests, floating in the clouds. Order via ArtSpace. Costs of 865 Euro include shipping and insurance to Germany and/or other EU-Countries.

Tomás Saraceno: Biosphere 3, 2015, Photograph, Inkjet print, 14.59 x 24.00 in, 37.1 x 61.0 cm, Edition of 50, This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. © Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2015

Artist Tomás Saraceno is known for his sculptural work and installations that merge art, architecture, and science. Saraceno's practice is concerned with our living environments, their conceptual design, and speculative futures. His experimental, engaging, and compelling works seek an alternative artistic imaginary to re-frame our awareness of the world.

Attention for Tomás Saraceno in the art scene on very high level since 2008

Thomas Schütte builds his Private Museum

The German sculptor Thomas Schütte is constructing a museum to house his artwork in the town of Hombroich, located about 16 km (10 miles) southeast of Düsseldorf.
The new structure - which will offer 700 square meters (1,300 sq. ft.) of floor space when completed - was designed by Schütte, and is being built on the grounds of the Museumsinsel Hombroich, a multi-building complex that also houses the collection of the German collector Karl-Heinrich Müller.

Liverpool Biennial 2016: Artists List

Liverpool Biennial 2016 will unfold through the landscape of the city. It is organised as a story narrated in several episodes: fictional worlds sited in galleries, museums, pubs, unused spaces, stations, hotels, shops and supermarkets. For the first time, children will work together with artists and the Biennial team to develop ambitious exhibitions, projects and publications specifically for young audiences.

Michael Buthe: Rediscovered

Michael Buthe: "Four Seasons" 1980, Mixed media on cavnas, 170 x 130 x 50 cm, Be

Michael Buthe: "Four Seasons" 1980, Mixed media on cavnas, 170 x 130 x 50 cm, Bernier/Eliades

The Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK) in Amsterdam lit the touch-paper to the rebirth of the Cologne artist Michael Buthe with a retrospective in March 2015. The Sammlung Goetz and the Haus der Kunst in Munich will round off, for the time being at least, the artist's solo shows in Autumn 2016. The curators at the Sammlung Goetz aptly described the importance of the artist to the Cologne art scene of the 1970s and '80s in the following words: 'Michael Buthe (1944-1994) was already a legend in his own lifetime.

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Soon under the Top 500: Buthe im Global Ranking

Artist of the Year 2015: Otobong Nkanga


Otobong Nkanga: Limits of Mapping (Ausschnitt), 2010, Galerie Lumen Travo, Amsterdam

Otobong Nkanga, Crumbling Through Powdery Air Poster Edition 2015, Digitaldruck, Laserschnitt, signiert und nummeriert auf der Rückseite, ungerahmt, 80 x 59cm, Edition von 50, EUR 50.00

Marina Abramovic: Vinyl-Edition for 360 €


Works of  Marina Abramovic, perhaps the most important performance artist forever, appear extremly seldon in the art market. Only about 100 pieces have been sold at auction, at prices between 20.000 to 300.000 Euros for unique works.  Valuable prints and multiples are even more rare. "Vinyl", a limited edition of Serpentine Galleries, therefore looks like a perfect start for young collectors. It is the result of a collaboration between The Vinyl Factory with the Serpentine Gallery and Marina Abramović. The vinyl features a recording of Abramović performing her "An Artist's Life Manifesto",  recorded at the Serpentine Galleries on the eve of her exhibition "512 Hours" and costs 275 Pound Sterling or 360 Euro plus VAT.  Order.

Marina Abramović: 512 Hours, 12” White Vinyl Edition of 100 plus 10 APs Hand signed and numbered, Tracklisting: Side A: An Artist’s Life Manifesto, Side B: 5pm, June 6 2014, Serpentine North Gallery, 275 Pound plus VAT


Performace-Artist Marina Abramovic: Since 2010 under the Top 100 Artists worldwide

Christine Macel Artistic Director of 2017 Venice Biennale

Christine Macel has been appointed director of the Visual Arts Sector of the fifty-seventh edition of the Venice Biennale, to be held May 13 through November 26, 2017, with press previews beginning May 10th.