Bob Eikelboom

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Bob Eikelboom 
artist's name: Bob Eikelboom
preferred medium: painting
nationality: NL
born: 1991
born in: Leeuwarden
lives in: Den Haag

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Bob Eikelboom - Profile

Bob Eikelboom’s (1991) paintings use the monochrome as a permanent strategic starting point. Ever since Rodchenko declared his monochrome triptych to be the death of painting the monochrome became the opposite. The monochrome is the absolute starting point and it embodies potential in its most ultimate form.
Eikelboom’s creating of paintings that are both monochromes and the opposite can be seen as an anachronistic balance act. His earlier works create tension by presenting the endless potential of an empty image in a very fixed and finished matter. This “It is what it is” attitude to the object shows the painting in it’s barest, most vulnerable form.
The endless potential of the monochrome is addressed in Eikelboom’s recent experiments with magnetic shapes on monochrome metal backgrounds as a form of painting. This technique allows Eikelboom to create paintings whose composition is not fixed. This stretches the instability, that is part of every painting until it leaves the studio, into infinity, emphasising that everything about a painting that is could also have been otherwise. (Boetzelaer|Nispen )

10 important exhibitions with Bob Eikelboom

Exhibition Exhibitor City Country Start date
Illusion and Revelation From the collection of the Bonnefantenmuseum Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht NL 24.12.2016
Beating around the bush Episode #2 Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht NL 24.04.2014

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Barbara Seiler Boetzelaer|Nispen