Carlos Aquilino

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Carlos Aquilino
artist's name: Carlos Aquilino
preferred medium: painting
nationality: ES
born: 1947
born in: Madrid
lives in: Madrid

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Carlos Aquilino - Profile

A devoted painter and an artist by instinct, Carlos Aquilino is always against the tide of easy fashion. An absolute master of drawing and color in all ranges, his perfect control of the compositional possibilities of spatial perspective, expressiveness, and clear-sighted message based on his imaginative figurative creativity are Carlos Aquilino’s key to communicating with the rest of humanity. Carlos Aquilino was born in 1947 in Madrid. As a self-taught painter, he started his career with his first solo exhibition in 1975 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), at which time he also participated in several public art competitions and group exhibitions. In the same year he illustrated the book of poems Máscaras (masks). In 1977, he was given the Painting Prize of the City of Madrid followed by the Grand Medal of Sculpture at the Anzio’77 International Art Competition in Rome. Aquilino has created a body of complex Surreal and geometric compositions that combine the influences of Cubism and Futurism. In his work, Aquilino deals with life’s subjects, events, moods and day-to-day trivialities; informed by an interest in the place of the individual within society. Aquilino exhibits a personality and aesthetic that is diagrammatic, invented, historical, and nonsensical all at once. Typically using a limited number of striking colors, his works are immediately recognizable by their daring yet subtle narratives and message. Observing and documenting their domain, Aquilino seeks to reflect the city in which he lives while infusing them with his own fantastical imagination and unique visions. His work is the story of their experiences: the representation of spaces, senses, their history and knowledge traveled. He captured their emotions, their dreams remembered and invoked memories. He transposes his own sensibility into colors and forms, in order to achieve a raw aesthetic that evokes the kind of honesty that is found deep within the human spirit. The result is a series of works with a timeless, magical quality. (Broadway Gallery)

10 important exhibitions with Carlos Aquilino

Exhibition Exhibitor City Country Start date
Carlos Aquilino Broadway Gallery New York US 11.06.2010