Dalia Baassiri

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Dalia Baassiri
artist's name: Dalia Baassiri
preferred medium: painting
nationality: LB
born: 1981
born in: Sidon, Lebanon
lives in: Beirut
artist's / gallery's website: Dalia Baassiri

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Dalia Baassiri - Profile

Education: MFA, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 2012; BS, Graphic Design, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon, 2003
Dalia Baassiri  is concerned  with material and surface,  dimensions and volume, thickness and weight with a distinct attraction for graphite and charcoal dust which feels both familiar to the artist and reminiscent of dirt in everyday life. Baassiri's practice draws on the formal theory of the line and its trajectory: "Lines are everywhere but we cannot see them. Like cells, they progressively multiply, expand and intertwine, forming endless possibilities of forms. I perceive the world as a giant spherical drawing room inhabited by beings and elements that are constantly in motion. Their impulses push them from one point to another, creating a series of linear paths."
Her current investigations deal with the immediacy of the everyday, dirt or traces left behind by human activities, and quotidian activities such as window cleaning and floor sweeping. Her desire to enter the world of the familiar as  a "warm" place for artistic practice, she finds in the quotidian a new dynamic energy in her trajectory, leading her to re-consider the role of found objects in painting. residencyunlimited

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Residency Unlimited