Martin Liebscher

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Martin Liebscher
artist's name: Martin Liebscher
preferred medium: photography
nationality: DE
born: 1964
born in: Naumburg/Saale
lives in: Berlin
secondary residence: Frankfurt
artist's / gallery's website: Martin Liebscher

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Martin Liebscher - Profile

Martin Liebscher refers to his narcissistic group pictures as "Family Pictures". He is the only person around in the worlds he creates. With a sense of humour he raises questions regarding the relation between individual and group as well as identity. At the same time Liebscher's work points out the paradox that a person who is omnipresent is not really anywhere. Even though Liebscher is the "star" of his pictures he disappears in uniform anonymity. The works are produced by digitally processing scanned photographs that Liebscher takes of himself by the means of an automatic shutter release. The figures are not digitally manipulated. They are images of a real person in action. In his family pictures Liebscher always works on the basis of a specific architecture or social environment. And the titles of his works are simply the names of the sites he invades as omnipresent protagonist. In the works from the Bellevue theatre he enters the stage and plays different characters. He sits in every chair in the audience as if he were hundreds of people, or maybe just one and the same person caught in various situations: paying full attention to the play, suddenly in deep thoughts, chatting with the person sitting next to him etc. Every possible way of behaving in a theatre is being explored. This is also the case in the panoramic evening picture from the Gas Station designed by Arne Jacobsen. Besides the iconic Jacobsen buildings, Liebscher also presents family pictures from e.g. Kloster Eldena i in Germany, a popular motif of Caspar David Friedrich. In other pieces Liebscher makes use of more common sites such an executive room or a caravan site. (Galerie Asbaek)

10 important exhibitions with Martin Liebscher

Exhibition Exhibitor City Country Start date
Manifesta 11 - The European biennial of contemporary art International Foundation Manifesta Amsterdam NL 11.06.2016
Time Present Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection Hara Museum of Contemporary Art Tokio JP 12.09.2015
JUST ADD WATER! / Només amb Aigua! CCA Andratx Andratx ES 18.04.2014
Im Fokus! Zeitgenössische Fotografie und Videokunst aus der Sammlung Kunsthalle Bremen Bremen DE 06.06.2013
Andratx on Paper CCA Andratx Andratx ES 03.03.2013
Von Kopf bis Fuß Menschenbilder im Fokus der Sammlung Würth Museum Würth Künzelsau DE 28.10.2012
Sylt - im Spiegel zeitgenössischer Fotografie Willy-Brandt-Haus Berlin DE 06.07.2012
That's Me - Fotografische Selbst-Bilder MARTa Herford Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst Herford DE 08.03.2011
50,000,000 Liebschers can’t be wrong Voges + Partner Galerie Frankfurt DE 02.09.2010
Upstairs - 17 Jahre Treppenhausgalerie im Presse- und Informationsamt Treppenhausgalerie Presse- und Informationsamt Frankfurt DE 11.05.2010
My Generation - Gruppe 5 Kunstverein Familie Montez e.V. Frankfurt/M DE 23.01.2009
Hotel Marienbad 002: Rauschende Gäste KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin DE 12.03.2008
FOTO.KUNST - Zeitgenössische Fotografie aus der Sammlung Essl Sammlung Essl - Kunsthaus Klosterneuburg AT 07.09.2007
Die Kunst zu sammeln Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf DE 21.04.2007
Martin Liebscher Loock Galerie Berlin DE 19.01.2007
Martin Liebscher: »Liebscher Brothers - Classic Rock« Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg 90402 Nürnberg DE 13.10.2006
Berlin-Tokyo / Tokyo-Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin Berlin DE 07.06.2006
Täuschungsmanöver Kunsthalle Würth Schwäbisch Hall DE 03.05.2006
Berlin-Tokyo / Tokyo-Berlin Mori Art Museum Tokyo JP 28.01.2006
Europe in Art - Sammlung Hypo-Bank Kunsthaus Hamburg Hamburg DE 30.10.2004
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10 important collections, in which Martin Liebscher is represented:

Deutsche Bank Collection Art Collection Deutsche Börse

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MAK Center Artists and Architects Hans-Purrmann-Preise für Bildende Kunst