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The artist database of Art Report contains important information for collectors and art enthusiasts about their networking with galleries, museums and curators. 
Art-Report creates from this information parts of multiple sources a profile that allows a first impression about the standing of artists in the global art world.
You can reach the desired artist by using the alphabetical listing in the top row, or directly by entering the artists` name. The artist list is constantly updated.

First Name Last Name
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Artist Nation born Medium Category Report
Celia Eslamieh Shomal IR 1981 video / film
Cesar Cornejo PE 1966 mixed media
Christian Odzuck DE 1978 sculpture
Consuelo Kanaga US 1894 photography
Catrin Morgan GB 1980 mixed media
Coady Brown US 1990 painting
Carlos Salas CO 1957 painting
Catie Newell 1979 mixed media
C. C. Breeda
C. L. Salvaro BR 1980 mixed media
C.D. Wright US mixed media
C.Finley painting Street Art
c.neeon DE photography
C.O. Paeffgen DE 1933 painting
C.T. Jasper PL 1971 mixed media
Gökçen Cabadan TR 1980 mixed media
Antón Cabaleiro
Anton Cabaleiro ES 1977 mixed media
Antonio Caballero MX 1940 photography
Alejandro Caballero MX 1896
Agustín Guadalupe Bejarano Caballero CU 1964 painting
Alexandre Cabanel FR 1823 painting
Damien Cabanes FR 1959 mixed media
Guillaume Cabantous FR 1977 mixed media
Helena Cabello
Cabello & Carceller 1992 New Media
Roberto Cabot BR 1963 painting
Samuel Cabot Cochran US 1982 design/fashion
Lila Cabot Perry US painting
Fábio Cabral photography
Sergio Cabrera CO 1950 video / film
Margarita Cabrera MX 1973 mixed media
Patricio Cabrera ES painting
Federico Cabrera photography
Servando Cabrera Moreno CU 1923 painting
Justin Cabrillos US performance
CAC TV video / film
Chris Caccamise US 1975 mixed media
Berta Cáccamo ES 1963 mixed media
Elio Caccavale IT 1972 mixed media
Giuseppe Caccavale IT 1960 painting
Baptiste Caccia FR 1988 mixed media
Emanuele Cacciatore painting
Luca Caccioni IT 1962 painting
Vivian Caccuri BR 1986 mixed media
Doris Cacoilo US mixed media
CAConrad US text/literature Free Report
Quick Report
CADA - Colectivo Acciones De Arte
Lluis Cadafalch ES 1968 mixed media
Andre Cadere PL 1934 mixed media
François Cadière photography
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