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The artist database of Art Report contains important information for collectors and art enthusiasts about their networking with galleries, museums and curators. 
Art-Report creates from this information parts of multiple sources a profile that allows a first impression about the standing of artists in the global art world.
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First Name Last Name
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Artist Nation born Medium Category Report
Dimitris Foutris GR 1972 painting
d.a. levy US 1942 mixed media
Willem de Looper US 1932 painting Colour Field
Maarigje de Maar NL 1944 photography
Boris d Hegenbart Matsui DE 1969 installation
Domenico D Oora painting
D. H. Saurn DE photography
D.a.e. Donostiako Arte Ekinbideak ES mixed media
D.L. Alvarez US 1966 mixed media
Nestor Da 1982 photography Africa
Alex Da Corte US 1981 mixed media
Louis Noronha da Costa PT 1942 painting
Beatriz da Costa US installation
Alexandre da Cunha BR 1969 installation
Tiago Carneiro da Cunha BR 1973 sculpture
Malou da Cunha Bang video / film
Mino da Fiesole IT 1429 sculpture Old Masters
Rui Manuel Da Graca PT 1968 painting
Misch Da Leiden LU 1948 photography
Nuno da Luz PT 1984 mixed media
Benedetto da Maiano IT sculpture Old Masters
Sperandio da Mantova IT 1425 painting Old Masters
Francisco da Matta CH 1968 sculpture
Antonello da Messina IT 1430 painting Old Masters
Djanira da Motta e Silva BR 1947 painting
Simona da Pozzo New Media Digital Art
Flavia da Rin AR 1978 photography
Desiderio da Settignano IT 1428 sculpture
Fernando Da Silva BR painting
Cristina Da Silva CH 1978 drawing/graphics
Manuel Pereira da Silva PT 1920 sculpture
Maria Auxiliadora da Silva BR 1935 painting
José Antônio da Silva BR 1909 painting
Alberto da Veiga Guignard BR 1896 painting
Leonardo da Vinci 1452 painting
Klaus H. Daams DE photography
Wendelien Daan NL photography
Reem Daas photography
Jonas Daatland NO 1975 painting
Daavo BJ mixed media
Petar Dabac photography
Nayla Dabaji
Amna Al Dabbagh AE mixed media
Josef Dabernig AT 1956 mixed media Free Report
Olayami Dabls US
Kuba Dabrowski PL photography
Maria Dabrowski NL 1988 photography
Gina Dabrowski US photography
Michael Dabrowski PL photography
Nekshan Dabu IN
Ben Dabush DE mixed media
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