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The artist database of Art Report contains important information for collectors and art enthusiasts about their networking with galleries, museums and curators. 
Art-Report creates from this information parts of multiple sources a profile that allows a first impression about the standing of artists in the global art world.
You can reach the desired artist by using the alphabetical listing in the top row, or directly by entering the artists` name. The artist list is constantly updated.

First Name Last Name
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Artist Nation born Medium Category Report
Niall MacDonald GB mixed media
Niveen Aladag TR video / film
N. Dash US 1980 mixed media
N. Mackintosh mixed media
N.S.Harsha IN 1969 New Media
N55 DK 1994 mixed media
Na Hyun KR 1970 performance
Michal Naaman IL mixed media
Nabarrayal AU painting
Wawi Nabarroza
Janne Nabb FI 1984
Martin Naber DE 1978 painting
Youssef Nabil EG 1972 photography
Pendar Nabipour IR 1985 sculpture
Elvin Nabizadedz mixed media
Nabuqi CN 1984 mixed media
Fren Nabuurs NL photography
Andrea Nacach
Andrea Nacciarriti IT mixed media
Jirí Naceradsky CZ 1939 mixed media
Satoko Nachi JP painting
Russell Nachman US 1966 painting
Vered Nachmani IL 1971 painting
James Nachtwey US 1948 photography
Benjamin Nachtwey DE 1962 painting
Reiner Nachtwey
Nadahada Collective mixed media
Marie-Luce Nadal FR 1984 mixed media
Juan Carlos Nadal ES 1966 mixed media
Guillem Nadal
Nadar FR 1820 photography Classic Photography
Félix Nadar FR photography Classic Photography
Peter Nadas
Shelly Nadashi IL 1981 New Media
Rob Nadeau 1974
Elie Nadelman US 1882 sculpture
Carlos Nader
Gerald Naderer
Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib installation
Nadine Hilbert & Gast Bouschet LU 1990 video / film
Fathmath Nadira
Reza Nadji DE 1978 photography
Linda Nadji IR 1972 painting
Ali Nadjian IR photography
Istvan Nadler HU 1938 painting
István Nádler HU 1938 painting
Daniela Nadolleck DE 1980 New Media
Mônica Nador BR 1955
Irene Naef
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