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The artist database of Art Report contains important information for collectors and art enthusiasts about their networking with galleries, museums and curators. 
Art-Report creates from this information parts of multiple sources a profile that allows a first impression about the standing of artists in the global art world.
You can reach the desired artist by using the alphabetical listing in the top row, or directly by entering the artists` name. The artist list is constantly updated.

First Name Last Name
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Artist Nation born Medium Category Report
Tumi Magnússon IS 1957 installation
Tammy Kaline AU painting Outsider Art/Art Brut
Tobias Stimmer CH 1539 painting Old Masters
Till Roeskens DE 1974 video / film
Trevelyan Clay GB 1982 painting
Tessa Lynch GB 1985 sculpture
The Group 1965 JP 1965 mixed media
T. Foley US
T.V. Santhosh IN 1968 mixed media
Song Ta CN 1988 mixed media
Philip Taaffe US 1955 painting
Mika Taanila FI 1965 video / film
Mohsen Taasha AF 1991 painting
Echigoya Taashi JP video / film
Tabaimo JP 1975 New Media
Aleidin Tabaku
Yolanda Tabanera ES 1965 mixed media
Maurice Tabard FR 1897 photography Classic Photography
João Tabarra PT 1966 photography
Joao Tabarra
Kouichi Tabata JP 1979 mixed media
Shizuko Tabata
Nasrin Tabatabai IR 1960 video / film
Hadi Tabatabai US 1964 mixed media
Sophia Tabatadze GE 1977 drawing/graphics
Tabboo! US
Ari Tabei US
Margit Tabel
Carsten Tabel DE 1978 photography
Lew Iljitsch Tabenkin
Ryan Taber
Rayyane Tabet LB 1983 sculpture
Lara Tabet LB 1983 mixed media
Marcela Taboada MX photography
Sofia Taboas
Sofía Táboas MX 1968 mixed media
Sérgio Taborda PT 1958 performance
George Tabori sound / music
Claire Tabouret FR 1981 mixed media
Mitra Tabrizian IR 1956 photography
Youssef Tabti FR 1968 installation
Oussama Tabti DZ 1988 New Media Africa
Éric Tabuchi FR 1959 photography
Santiago Taccetti AR mixed media
Fumio Tachibana
Tack Yen To
LaGardo Tackett US 1911 design/fashion
Jorge Tacla CL 1958 painting
Kryn Taconis photography Romantisme
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