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The artist database of Art Report contains important information for collectors and art enthusiasts about their networking with galleries, museums and curators. 
Art-Report creates from this information parts of multiple sources a profile that allows a first impression about the standing of artists in the global art world.
You can reach the desired artist by using the alphabetical listing in the top row, or directly by entering the artists` name. The artist list is constantly updated.

First Name Last Name
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Artist Nation born Medium Category Report
Santiago Ramon y Cajal
Santiago Ramón y Cajal ES 1852 drawing/graphics
Nicolas Y Galeazzi GB New Media
Szacsva y Pal video / film
Y.Z. Kami IR 1956 mixed media
Kalamu ya Salaam
Sharon Yaari IL 1966 photography
Wang Yabin CN 1974 painting
Mary Yacoob GB mixed media
Paola Yacoub LB 1966 installation
Yui Yaegashi JP 1985 painting
Leslie Yagar
Christina Yaghmaei DE 1964 sculpture
Rosha Yaghmai
Lyota Yagi JP 1980 video / film
Dena Yago US 1988 mixed media
Shahar Yahalom IL 1980 mixed media
Kamel Yahiaoui DZ 1966 sculpture Africa
Kamel Yahioui AL mixed media
Eric Yahnker US 1976 mixed media
Xu Yahui
Wang Ya-hui CN
Yuval Yairi IL 1961 photography
Han Yajuan CN 1980 painting
YAKA Collective GB 2015 mixed media
Moico Yaker
Sergiy Yakimenko UA 1988 mixed media
Ashley Yeo Yakka SI painting
Aleksandr Yevgeniyevich Yakovlev
Vladimir Igorevich Yakovlev
Sonja Yakovleva DE 1989 mixed media
Ustina Yakovleva SE painting
Alexander Yakut SE painting
Ekrem Yalcindag TR 1964 painting
Elkrem Yalcindag TR 1964 painting
Ekrem Yalçindag DE 1964 painting
Macide Yalcinkaya
Yusa Yalçintas TR 1985 painting
Irantzu Yaldebere ES mixed media
Brian Yale
Baha Görkem Yalim TR 1987 New Media
Devin Yalkin US 1986 photography
Jud Yalkut US 1938 video / film
Elya Yalonetski RU sculpture
Tiger Yaltangki mixed media
Nil Yalter TR 1938 New Media
Karen Yama
James Yamada US 1967 mixed media
Joyce Yamada
Kentaro Yamada JP video / film
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