Beijing Poly International Auction Co

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Contact Information

Beijing Poly International Auction Co
3F, New Poly Plaza, 1 Chaoyangmen Beidajie
100010 Beijing (China)
Phone: +86 10 64082151
Fax: +86 10 64082188



Founded on July 1st, 2005, Beijing Poly International Auction Company has now been recognized as the fastest growing auction house in China. Since the establishment three years ago, Poly Auction is always based on the rule of ‘authentic, essential and rare’, and insisting on the principle of ‘being honest, fair and just to clients’. We have already made our commitment of offering the best service and putting client demands at our first priority. In 2005, Poly Auction presented its impressive debut in the first-ever autumn auctions by achieving a stunning RMB 560 million turnover, which enabled the new name to be listed among the top 3 of China’s most profitable auction houses that year. Since then, Poly Auction keeps leading the market by its expertise in modern and contemporary Chinese art sales. In 2007, Poly Auction overshadowed its rivals in China by the total sale of RMB 1.537 billion, which was the top turnover of that year.

The rapid growth of Poly Auction is no doubt benefited from the solid foundation and strong support from Poly Group. As China’s major national enterprise, Poly Group owns sufficient capital and resources which guarantees the strong brand and the reputation of Poly Auction. Poly Auction was also received kind solicitudes from leaders of the Country and the Party. Poly Group is also the first Chinese national enterprise which devotes to promote the cultural course. Since 2000, Poly Group has gradually salvaged four pieces of national treasures, including head of pig, head of cow, head of tiger, and head of monkey, which were lost from The old summer palace years ago. Poly Group’s successful culture chain, including cultural relics collection and exhibition business, performing business, threatre management service, TV and movie agency service, and so on, guarantees fast development of Poly Auction.

With an international vision and market-oriented strategy, Poly Auction set up its goal of becoming a global brand as early as its establishment.

People are what Poly Auction cherishes most. Since the opening of the company, we have received the guidance and support of over one hundred specialists and scholars, all of whom are the influential figures of the industry. And their contribution of ideas helps the company solve the problem of lacking of experience at the very beginning. Meanwhile, Poly Auction is also proud of establishing its own dedicated team of specialists, professionals and administrators in a short period of time.

    Sufficient talent base offers the company accurate judgment of the industry, while the vibrant corporate culture makes sure its quick response accordingly. Chinese modern painting and calligraphy was the main session in Poly 2005 auctions. Many records were broken that enabled Poly Auction to be listed as top auction houses that year. In face of the trend that the market was changing in 2006, Poly Auction actively adapted the policy in its 2006 Spring Auction, selecting contemporary Chinese art as its trump card, which helped the company triumphed over its rivals in this field ever since. In the 2007 spring auction, Poly Auction conducted the first evening sale in China, and 65 items were hammered at 0.24 billion as a total, which broke all the previous records of a single sale by any Chinese auction house and marked an staggering performance which can compete with its foreign competitors. With its unparalleled advantage in the field of the contemporary Chinese art, the company looked elsewhere for further opportunities. In 2007, Poly Auction was crucially involved in other areas like: rare books and manuscripts, Chinese ceramics and works of art, and so on, which received high remarks from the buyers both at home and abroad as well

Before every major sale, Poly auction holds a series of previews which not only cover the major cities in China but also showcase in America, UK, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Poly Auction also attended Art Basel, Art Singapore , Art Auction in Seoul, Asia International Art & Antiques Fair, ShContemporary, Art Beijing and so on. The promotions not only enforce the communication between our company and the collectors, but also attract new interested groups and enlarge the international fame of the company. Besides its main location in Beijing, Poly Auction also opens its representative offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan,France, and the United States, establishing a long-term cooperation with the collectors internationally. In terms of Poly’s auction preview, no matter considering the scale, or the decoration, it has reached a first-class level. Take the preview of 2008 Spring Auction as an example, the venue was located in all the 15 floors of the New Poly Plaza, the total areas are over 10,000 square meters. And our considerate service is also what we would like to highlight. As a detail-oriented auction house, we are dedicated to meet our clients’ requirements in every small aspect.

As the leading auctioneer in China, Poly Auction pays significant attention to the social responsibility during our own development. The company and our staff donate a lot of time and money to charities and other social course, holding various kinds of exhibitions, such as, “China Realism Exhibition in 2007”, “Solo-Exhibition of Pan Dehai”, “The Beauty of Human Figure: The Selected Exhibition of Pan Yuliang”, “The Solo Exhibition of 3W”, “The Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art of 2007” and so on, which were open to the public and art lovers for free. Besides, during the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake this year, Poly Auction mobilized its resources and united with a group of the top Chinese contemporary artists to hold a charity auction named “We are together” and raised a considerable sum of money (RMB 84.72 million) for the reconstruction of the victims and their hometown.

Largely thanks to the supervision of China Poly Group, the co-efforts by all the staff of Poly Auction as well as the support from the buyers and consigners worldwide, we are confident to meet all the expectations of our clients and be your first choice and trustworthy partner in China. Featuring contemporary Chinese art sales, Poly Auction so far has already stepped onto the global stage. In the near future, we would continue to provide with you unparalleled service and dedicated to realize our mission of “relocating the centre of Chinese art sales back to Beijing”.