Irena Haiduk: Siren from Serbia

Irena Haiduk: Siren Calls in Neue Galerie, Gießbergstraße 22, Kassel

, Germany; anläßlich der documenta 14

Dem breiteren Kunstpublikum dürfte die Soloshow der serbischen Multimedia-Künstlerin Irena Haiduk in der Renaissance Society in Chigaco sowie ihre Beteiligung an der Istanbul Biennale im Jahr 2015 noch entgangen sein. Seit ihrer provokativen Arbeit für die Whitney Bieannale und die documenta 14 in diesem Jahr hat sich dies jedoch radikal geändert.
Profil: In Greek mythology, sirens dwell on the rocky coastline, singing for passing ships. These enchanting creatures take on the guise of beautiful women, but it is their voices that seduce the sailors. Like oracles, sirens know the past and the future, but their song makes the present moment stretch on forever, as their listeners waste away in a reverie. Irena Haiduk ’s new work for the Renaissance Society transforms the exhibition space into a temple, or a theater of waiting, where sirens lounge in the eaves overhead. A discursive data stream fills the room, carrying a song in the form of a debate between two melodic voices. Renaissance Society
Statement Irena Haiduk: Female-inclined persons (or rather all those, regardless of gender, seduced by the elegance of the yugoform) will be trained in Spinal Discipline, a practice of wearing the yugoform as a walking performance throughout the city of Kassel, defining the city as a production line and a runway. The walks are performed by a group of nine participants – Sirens – with minimal but precise choreography, carrying books on top of their heads. These Sirens are an elite force within what Haiduk calls the Army of Beautiful Women.
The participants will receive a fair honorarium for their participation. The performances will happen at regular intervals on a part-time basis during the documenta 14 exhibition in Kassel between June 7 and September 17, 2017. The Army of Beautiful Women grows.

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