Articles and interviews from the Art-Report editorial staff are published here. That may be an interview with an artist, the director of a gallery or the curator of an exhibition at a museum or fair. It can also contain analysis of current trends in the art world.

Artists 2017 under 40: Attention Leaders
In these days gallerists are saying good-bye to the summer break, and many exhibitors in the museums, institutions and foundations are bridging the holiday season with individual or group shows, which will end at the earliest when people have returned to their jobs. Time for an interim balance of...
Artists of the Year 2017
Girls, Girls, Girls: Coincidence or System?
Artur Żmijewski im Gespräch
A conversation between Artur Żmijewski and Joanna Warsza   Joanna Warsza: You’re the kind of artist who monitors other artists and the art scene in general. You publish interviews with culture producers, you’re the artistic director of the periodical Krytyka Polityczna, and you...
Book Works 1984–2011: New Website and Digital Archive
Book Works has developed a new website and digital archive that now includes material ranging from finished works to ephemera, correspondence, photographs and manuscripts providing an insight into the working processes of both the publishing and studio sections of the organisation. What's new? The...
2012 season at MUSEION of modern and contemporary art Bolzano
In April the Board of the Founders of Fondazione Museion confirmed Letizia Ragaglia as director of the museum for the next four years. Curator at various institutions, Ragaglia (1969, I), who is specialised in museology and contemporary art, with a particular focus on art in public spaces, has been...
New York Art Fair Week: The Armory, ADAA The Art Show, and Independent
Armory Arts Week 2011 may be remembered as the year of art fairs that failed to defy our expectations. Unlike 2010, which saw the debut of Independent, or 2009, in which the glimmerings of a healthy art market emerged after the major 2008 recession, despite some shifts in gallery loyalty, the 2011...
Prof. Henrik Hanstein about investments in art
Six questions to Prof. Hendrik Hanstein, owner of Kunsthaus Lempertz, Cologne  
Edition Art-Report David Hinojosa: alle Arbeiten/all works
Unpredictable Gallery II von DHAdmann, 2010, Digitaldruck und Marker auf Fotopapier, Auflage 3, von 10 verschiedenen Zeichnungen, DINA4 format/Unpredictable Gallery II DHAdmann, 2010, digital print on photo paper and markers, Edition of 3, from 10 different drawings, DINA4 format
Edition Art-Report Matthias Männer: Alle Arbeiten/All works
Alle Arbeiten der Edition: scanned line, Tintenstrahldruck einer mehrfach gescannten Bleistiftlinie, 2010, 29,7 x 21 cm, Auflage: 5 mit je 10 Blättern.