Thomas Schütte builds his Private Museum

The German sculptor Thomas Schütte is constructing a museum to house his artwork in the town of Hombroich, located about 16 km (10 miles) southeast of Düsseldorf.
The new structure - which will offer 700 square meters (1,300 sq. ft.) of floor space when completed - was designed by Schütte, and is being built on the grounds of the Museumsinsel Hombroich, a multi-building complex that also houses the collection of the German collector Karl-Heinrich Müller.
Although not formally trained as an architect, Schütte has engaged with architecture since the 1980s. He designed an ice pavilion in Kassel's Karlsaue park for documenta 8 in 1987, and five of his designs for holiday homes have been realized.
Schütte has been planning his museum for three years and has gone through seven different models before handing over his plans to the Düsseldorf-based RKW Architects to execute his vision. Every detail, including light switches and power outlets, has been approved and inspected by the artist. Henri Neuendorf, Tuesday, February 23, 2016.
Photo: Schütte's sculpture hall. RKW Architekten