Arne Quinze - My Home, My House, My Stilthouse

Artist: Arne Quinze
Exhibition: 10.09.2010 - 20.10.2010
Exhibitor: Galerie Thomas Modern
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City: Munich
Homepage: Galerie Thomas Modern
Arne Quinze, „My Home, My House, My Stilthouse 060610", 2010, Holz, Farbe, Farbstift, 100 x 160 x 15 cm © Galerie Thomas Modern I Atelier Arne Quinze

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Arne Quinze loves the chaos - in his art, he manages to combine chaos with controlled elegance. The exhibition 'My Home, My House, My Stilthouses', the Belgian artist will present a series of paintings and sculptures, which show how he combines these extremes.
For opening in September 2010 Quinze designs currently a large installation, shown in the foyer of the Thomas Modern Gallery. He will also show in Munich Stilthouses, Chaos Box es and views. The series based on his continuous search for compositions, lines, layers, and his fascination with the urban rhythms, which he found in all cultures he encounters. In each new series, he captures his studies of the interaction of cultures and societies. His work represents different cultures with different lines and rhythms, but these links in a structure that shows the complexity of our daily life.
Born in 1971, living in Belgium Arne Quinze obsessed with collecting used materials. To illustrate his vision, he breathes them a new life. Recurring elements in Quinze's oeuvre are the use of different types of wood, waste wood and fluorescent paints in bright colors (yellow, orange and red).

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