MARJAN LAAPER Never Ending Stories & MIYUKI OKUYAMA Nightward

Artist: Marjan Laaper, Miyuki Okuyama
Exhibition: 27.02.2010 - 04.04.2010
Exhibitor: MKgalerie Rotterdam
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City: Rotterdam
Homepage: MKgalerie Rotterdam
Marjan Laaper

Marjan Laaper has a preference for filming situations that normally do not attract our attention. In a new series of work, she shows videos where children play a leading part. The videos are registrations from every day life, but by manipulating, repeating, slowing it down, turning the image into negative, the image slowly reveals its meaning. She tries to analyze and searches for the meaning behind these scenes. This search for resemblance in every day events, universal lays in nature and human behavior can be found in her work.

MIYUKI OKUYAMA (1973, Japan), Nightward

There are the images captured and represented with personal perspective, using a plastic toy camera, in attempt at searching for spots, which trigger our anxiety, fear and long discarded fear etc. These images are taken during the road trip in the Deep South of the United States. The Deep South is a land where the artist spend good six years. It is an economically suffering, hurricane swept land, haunted by its own history. As Miyuki Okuyama traveled along the back roads, she encountered the places with hint of dreadfulness.

They are the obscure spots persistently remaining in this highly organized modern, yet somewhat inhuman society.It was a journey not just revisiting her school days, but seeking for some kind of darkness that is associated with the human subconscious.

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Artists Marjan Laaper , Miyuki Okuyama